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Title: tire wear
Post by: gtleblanc on July 17, 2011, 08:49:40 PM
New on the forum, thanks in advance for current and future help.

2003 Excursion, 6.0 diesel, 4 x 4, 110,000 miles

Question one: what kind of tire life do you get with your Excursion, I have tried several brands and have a hard time making it to 30,000 miles and the majority of my driving is freeway. I use stock tires LT 265-75-R16 and generally get a radial T/A type of tread. Anyone have recommendations of tires for longer life.

Question two: anyone know where to purchase LANDYOT type rear radius rods. l love the Excursion but hate the front end wander. Or do you know any other ways to fix the wander. Bilstein shocks and stabilizers helped some, but still need more fixing.

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